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Trips: Austria



Austria is home to quaint villages nestled between towering Swiss Alps and crystal lakes. Striking historic architecture set against the mountains blends both natural and man-made beauty. A historic legacy of music and culture has made Austria an appealing tourist destination. The people, though reserved at first, are kind underneath the facade. Although material wealth is prevalent, Austria is spiritually poor. On the surface, it is a strongly Catholic culture, with dramatic cathedrals and adherance to Catholic traditions. However, there are more registered prostitutes than Christians. An effort is rising among the youth to quench spiritual drought. Be a part of this movement.



Gowan WheelerGowan Wheeler has established a thriving ministry through a network of 12 evangelistic churches. Straight out of high school, Remington Cox came to intern under Gowan and has been involved in ministry in Austria ever since. After spending 5 summers working at a summer camp there, Remington felt the call to move to Austria full time. Now, just over a year later, he is a crucial member of Gowan's staff, helping to shape and equip the youth of Austria. Teams will partner with the network of churches that Gowan and Remington facilitate; doing anything from kids' clubs, church work-projects, to inviting neighborhood children to a weeknight church service. Teams can also help Remington with "Extreme Night," which is a youth event connecting Christians to other Christians. Because of the nature of the country, young Christians can often feel isolated due to their small number. The church feels well equipped and able to do ministry, but the teams will come and help them expand their reach even more.


Open for a team of 15 people or less.
$850 plus airfare for a 10-day trip.
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