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Trips: Boston

 Boston is a beautiful and exciting city, crowded with milestones in American history. It was the backdrop of many historical events in American history, such as the Boston Tea Party. Today, it is a rich cultural and educational center. The people, however, are known as having thick skin to the Gospel's message. We will attempt to soften that hard exterior with a message God's hope and love.
We will partner with One 18 movement, formerly Holy Hands Expedition, and Lou and Kris Zinnanti, pastors of Christ the Rock Church. Lour and Kris have been working in Boston for the past 15 years and have a passion to see people of their city come to know Christ. The trip will start with three intense days of training in street outreach, including evangelism training, learning to articulate your beliefs based on science and history, developing personal testimonies, children's ministry, fine tuning your team work and Garbonics (also known as Stomp). Evenings will include services with further direction from Holy Hands staff on the heart of evangelism and gearing up students for ministry.
In the following days, you will put these new skills into practice while handing out ministry flyers, cleaning up the community and looking for opportunities to interact with people who don't yet have a personal relationship with their Creator. They will spend afternoons doing outreaches in the community, where they will be stretched as they share testimonies and do one-on-one evangelism.
Students will take what they have learned home with them, where they can apply their training on their own mission field to make change in their communities.
Check out this video from the 2011 Boston trip. 
$460 plus airfare 

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