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Build A Trip

Global Passion offers Customized Trips in addition to our annual Feature Trips.

What are they?

A Custom Trip is exactly what it sounds like: a trip specially designed to meet the specific needs of your team. With a Customized Trip the possibilities are endless!

  • Our years of experience provide us with a wealth of contacts and opportunities to connect you with ministries that need you. We have sent teams to over 53 countries who have left the door open for us to return.
  • If you want to partner with a missionary outside of our established contacts we will handle the logistics and coordinating.

What do I do to start a Customized Trip?

  1. Contact us by email at mailto:admin@globalpassion.net or by phone at 707-252-9725. Let's talk about what God is stirring in you and how we can best match that passion with a location.
  2. Next, submit your group application and fee. This can be done online in only a few minutes! Apply Now.
  3. Once we have your application, we will confirm your dates with the missionary and walk you through the process of launching, preparing and training for a successful missions trip specially designed for your team.

What are the requirements?

For us to create a Custom Trip:

  • You will need a team of 15 or more people.
  • Trips applications must be in by January 31. Conversations about where and when you want to go should begin no later than December.

We are passionate about getting you to the mission field. So dream big and ask us the crazy questions. If you don't ask us, we can't help you!

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