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Global Passion
About Us

Who we are:

Global Passion is a full-service, short-term missions organization based in Napa, CA.


We connect  mission teams with ministries such as medical clinics, street evangelism, church plants, food distribution and children’s ministry. We work to build lasting partnerships with missionaries around the world, so that the impact of teams lasts beyond the one to two weeks they are there. Our missionary contacts serve in dozens of different countries worldwide, such as Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Fiji, Ireland, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other international and domestic destinations.


What we do:

Global Passion has a staff of experienced trip coordinators to take care of all the logistics of your missions trip, such as lodging, airfare, insurance and visas. We also believe that training is an essential part of making sure that teams are effective. Your job is simply to obey God's call to the field. We prayerfully send teams where they are needed, not just given busy work. Each year, we prayerfully open dozens of destination options for missions teams in countries where missionaries asking for help. We can customize trips for a team, or pull small groups and individuals together for a trip. If your youth group, college group or ministry has a missionary they support, we can take on the planning of that trip as well. Global Passion takes people of all ages on missions from one to two weeks long. Missionaries are calling for teams to come. Be the answer to their prayers.
 Why Global Passion?
  • We connect teams to people around the world who face overwhelming physical and spiritual need.
  • We support missionaries, who are able to accomplish things with teams that they couldn't alone;
  • We take the burden off group leaders so they can focus on pouring into their ministries;
  • We help trip participants see a world outside American boarders.


At Global Passion, we believe these groups working together are the answer to Jesus' commission to "go and make disciples.”

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